Wednesday, 4 August 2010

its a B thing..

Check out my birds blog for some refreshing pics and stuff...

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


one for the missus...xx

One for a mates missus.

Existing between hangovers..

Other stuff I've managed to fit in between hangovers..

Recently I was asked by a small care home to paint some characters on their walls to brighten the place up abit. I cant go into detail about the tenants living there, but they have a history for being violent,especially towards unfamailiar faces. This meant that I had to paint in the time that they were at college and get out before they returned..

Lola,Lotta and Sizzle dog..

Thats right. Its a duck. a duck in a motherfucking truck..

Did you know that SEGA spells AGES backwards.?

Where to start..?

Running Punch Music Club has FINALY left the walls of my flat. Myself and long suffering flat mate (Sherlock bones) have been working like Indonesian children at christmas to produce this bloody album and everything that goes with it..

Check out and

Derty berds..